Become a Cannascribe Patient


Whether you are registering to become a patient and wish to order your medicine from a Health Canada approved licensed producer.


If you choose to grow your own through our “Self Grow Program” offered by Cannascribe by utilizing our experience in consulting you through the process from obtaining your prescription, to assisting you in preparing and submitting package to Health Canada for approval.

The process for becoming registered patient through Cannascribe starts in the same manner.

  1. Complete the Registration Form below
  2. Submit the completed Cannascribe Assessment Form
  3. Submit the completed Cannascribe Waiver/Release
  4. Request your medical notes surrounding your condition from your practitioner.


Cannascribe will require the following in order to book an appointment with one of our physicians:

  • Supporting documents (letter of diagnosis/MRI/imaging/consult notes from your medical condition)
  • Treatment history
  • Health card or proof of Canadian citizenship

We can help you obtain these records. Just ask us how.


1. Patient Assessment Form
2. Patient Release Form
3. Patient Consent Form