Cannascribe’s Consulting Services

Cannascribe is one of the longest standing services assisting patients in obtaining medical marijuana for medicinal purposes.

We have helped thousands of patients obtain their MMAR licenses to possess and produce from the inception of the program. Consulting and facilitating MMAR (and more recently under the current guidelines of the ACMPR) licenses has always beenĀ one of the main services our experts provided.

Cannascribe supports both aspects of the ACMPR program. Whether you want to grow your own or conveniently order from a licensed producer. We work collaboratively with multiple producers to bring our patients and practitioners options in choosing the producer that best fits their needs.

Diversity offers variety and benefits to our patients, making sure that their transition to a natural alternative is a painless and effective choice. We are here to help patients access and grow safe, legal cannabis with continuing support from us. That is the Cannascribe advantage.

To begin the process go to the “Become a Patient” tab and fill out the requested information and our office will contact you the next business day.

Or you can directly contact us at 1 844 277-2266 ( CANN) and our friendly knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you in beginning the process.